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Shikinya, affectionately known as Shinkah by close family and friends has been in the beauty industry for well over 15 years. As a beauty maven, she started Shinkah Beauty, LLC in 2016 and more recently, Shinkah's Beauty Bar, LLC in 2022!

"My desire is to help people become well rounded in their beauty and skincare routines. To include this in your daily lives speaks to your level of self-care. Most people don't really think twice about it and it's literally life-changing once you start caring for yourself in the most intimate of ways."

Welcome to Shinkah Beauty!

Born with love! We live to create and we know our customers do too, that's why we started this company with YOU in mind. 

In an industry that's constantly changing, we challenge you to keep creating, keep dreaming, and keep expressing your truest self to the world. Those are the things remembered the most. 

Our Mission:

We seek to cater, serve, and enrich the lives of women of all ages. We also seek to evoke a healthy standard of beauty with the knowledge of what it means to be beautiful from the inside out. Our goal is to honor our customers with high quality, luxury products and with customer service to match. We want women to feel beautiful, confident and sexy by more than just the outside but by giving them a fresh perspective of what’s possible in life. We firmly believe that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life and that alone is beautiful.

Beauty is so much more than just cosmetics, skincare and makeup tools. It’s not just about looking glamorous or transforming into someone else on the outside but being truly comfortable in your own skin. It’s about feeling empowered, confident, sexy and being able to love yourself unconditionally despite your flaws or imperfections all while living a life full of purpose, passion and grace.

With this vision in mind Shinkah Beauty was created for all women who share these same values, beliefs and goals for their lives. Women who desire to take control of their lives, live unapologetically and embrace every journey - good or bad - as an opportunity for growth and self-awareness.


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We Love What We Do

Shinkah's Beauty Bar is an extension of Shinkah Beauty but on a more molecular level. Our desire is to help you filter out the bad through lifestyle and skincare changes so that the real you can shine through. Shinkah's Beauty Bar is a full-service beauty salon & day spa. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best with a variety of treatments designed just for you. We offer a wide range of services, including facials and skincare, body treatments, waxing, makeup application and more.