What's Right for You? Find Your Finish

What's Right for You? Find Your Finish

As a beauty brand owner, designing products is the best part of my job. If I had to pick a favorite product it would be lip products all day. With all the options currently on the market, choosing a formula that is right for you can get a bit overwhelming. Some are for moisturization, some for all day wear and there are others that provide nothing more than all day shine. Much like skincare, to choose what works for you, you will need to know your lip type. Are your lips dry a lot? You need to exfoliate and will want to use something that moisturizes. Your type can also depend on what season we’re currently in. Taking all of this into account, here’s a few formulas worth mentioning:
Crème - This type lives somewhere between a matte and a gloss and are highly pigmented. They tend to be hydrating, depending on the formula and provide full coverage yet smooth wear.
Matte – Matte lipsticks have become extremely popular over the years with several brands offering smudge-proof, waterproof and kiss-proof wear but they tend to be very drying without proper lip care. The upside is that they are long-lasting and are usually highly pigmented for full color payoff.
Gloss – If you like a shiny pout, glosses are for you. Usually, color isn’t as important although they come in both clear and shades. Another added alternative is to purchase a gloss-based lip plumper for the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.
Lip Crayons – A combination of a lipstick and a lip balm, this product comes in many formulas but is mostly creamy and soft in texture. The color payoff is subtle as it’s more about moisturization than it is pigmentation. Choose this for a fuss-free flush of color and hydration.
Knowing your lip type and the finish/texture of a lip product will greatly reduce the chances of you losing money by choosing products that don’t work for you. If you’re anything like me and love the idea of building collections, at least do so by knowing what you’re getting and the best way it can be worn.
Happy Shopping!

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