The Comparison Trap

The Comparison Trap

Why is it that everything everyone else is doing seems so much more superior to what we’re doing? How often are we 100% content with our lives and our portions? I have a bad habit of changing my ways, patterns and ideals to those of other people because I feel like they're doing it better. In reality, that's not true because what’s “better” or working for them isn’t necessarily what it’s going to take to work for me. 

Some comparison is inevitable especially in this age of social media. If I’m not careful I can spend hours scrolling through Instagram becoming ungrateful for what I have and complaining about what I don’t. I know I’m not the only one. That’s why cultivating an attitude of gratitude is important and so is setting your own goals and diligently working on those. I find that the less time you spend idle the more time you actually have to get things done. It’s literally called a “trap” for a reason. You spiral out of control with incessant competing and trying to measure up or be better than. The only reward you get in return is misery, exhaustion and low self-esteem. None of those benefits are worth it. The best thing you can do for yourself when your mind or thoughts begin to wander is to remember your specific assignment. What are you specifically supposed to be doing? Even if it is the same thing as someone else there’s something about your attachment to it that automatically makes it different. 

Over and over this week alone I've seen little signs and reminders that I should be authentic and that the only person I need to mimic is God. How hurtful to God must it be to see His children trying to be like others? What must that say to him? Every time I think about it, it convicts me and I'm glad. I would be so hurt to see my kids trying to be like the kids at their school whom they perceive is better? I would be devastated that they felt they aren't good enough to measure up. I imagine that's how God feels. I constantly tell my kids to be themselves so I need to see this thing in the spiritual and accept my own advice. We have a very real enemy who doesn't want us living or being our authentic selves because he knows we'd be even more of a threat to his kingdom. We owe it to God to be all that he called and created us to be. He made you unique for a reason, rest in it. 💋



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