Redefining Beauty One Grace-Filled Step At A Time

Redefining Beauty One Grace-Filled Step At A Time

What exactly does this mean? 

For a while, I didn't know myself but over time it began to reveal its meaning in and for my life. For me, it means living intentionally. It was finding and aligning with my purpose and allowing myself to live it out unapologetically. It's embracing imperfections and allowing room in your life for growth, grace, and self-love.

How do you redefine beauty?

With grace and in allowing myself to be forgiven for my many shortcomings and learning to forgive and grace myself. Makeup is my gift no matter in what capacity. It's definitely where my heart is but I never allowed myself room to grow in it. Self-criticism led to comparison and self-sabotage. It's frustrating to know what you should be doing but not doing it. I allowed fear to hold me back. There is so much beauty in being your authentic self, doing what you were placed here to do and allowing grace and faith to lead your life. It's not just about makeup, it's about living in your purpose on purpose so that someone else inspired by your walk can be encouraged to walk in theirs.


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