“Mirror Mirror, On The Wall..”

“Mirror Mirror, On The Wall..”

There’s something about a mirror that’s truly divine-- reflecting all of what it sees & leaving no room for interpretation. Unlike our beloved snapchat filters & famous photo editors, the mirror has a subtle way of enhancing the parts of ourselves that we often hide behind.

Most of us, self included, spend countless hours fluffing, drawing, plucking & primping, all to perfect an image that our mirror has already seen & will ultimately see again.

But, what if we took a look at ourselves from that same perspective? Embracing our flaws at first glance & then doing everything in our power to build on those same flaws until what is reflected was the very thing we’d always had in mind to become. 

& of course, I’m aware that accepting our imperfections may not be item number one on the ever growing to-do list, or as simple as walking up to your bathroom mirror, but it is a process that is absolutely necessary to discovering the true authenticity of who we are.

It has taken me almost as long to come to grips with my imperfections, as it has taken me to find the right foundation, mostly because of my skin’s ability to go from desert dry to dripping with oil in a matter of minutes & of course because no matter the brand or cost, I’ve always wanted the ability to look in the mirror after having done the work; applying evenly, building the product over the dark spots until they seemingly disappear, I wanted to know that I still look like, well-- me. 

Not only is the mirror a reflection of the parts of myself that are NOT my favorite, but it is also a reflection of my effort to become the person who is & ultimately give the look that is guaranteed to slay every single time. In a time where so many seem to idolize others, my highest hope is to truly admire the woman in the mirror staring back at me.

Xo, Elle

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