Just Enjoy Life: Enjoying It While You Still Can

Enjoying Life Life Living

None of us are immune from witnessing change in our own lives or in the lives of others. Change is constant and inevitable. Who wants to remain stagnant anyway? We make it easy on ourselves by accepting that fact. Our ability to let go of the need to control, giving up the insistence that things have to be a certain way is a courageous gift of freedom

It's also the perfect atmosphere for God to move freely in your life. Letting go frees you up to see life for what it really is, a journey. You learn to appreciate the moment or moments for what they are.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 says, 'So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God." Our lives on this earth are short. Don't waste time focusing on things you can't change. Let go, pray and flow with the One who holds it all.  


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