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Destiny Originality Unique

Once a dear friend of mine and I were discussing the issues of God’s perfect will
and His permissive will. We all know as believers that many of us we are programmed to
say, “God not my will but yours be done”, and that is good but is it truly what we want?
My friend asked what the difference is between the two wills and if God honors the
permissive actions. I believe that God does honor our motives and our intentions but
when having this discussion the thought of the Oscars came to my mind. How often do
we hear of famous celebrities or big-time movie stars being approached by famous
designers, for big events such as the Oscars or other awards programs, expressing desire
to create a completely original dress or suit specifically and uniquely for him or her? This
is referred to as a designer original. The dress or suit is made to fit the exact
measurements of the person’s body. The color is usually extremely complimentary or in
the star’s favorite color. It is something created in the mind of the designer specifically
for one person. No one else is the inspiration for this piece. It is just for the person that
the designer wishes to dress. If a designer does not seek out a celebrity to design for then
boutiques will offer to loan dresses and jewels to the stars for them to wear. These
dresses and suits give honor and representation to the designer but not quite like the
designer original.
When thinking about God’s will for our lives, we have two options. We can
listen and choose the designer original; the destiny that he has formed and created just for
us. No one else was on his mind when he planned our futures. It is made to fit our exact
measurements emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, and personally. It is just for
us. There are also things, like the dresses on loan, that God will allow us to have and
they are beautiful and they are good but not ours, exclusively. These things too will be
honored but they do not demonstrate the intricacy and specialization that the one made
specifically for you does. I heard a song once that, “life is woven day by day into a new
design of the glory God displays, on the canvas of creation through the poem of history in
a pattern of redemption flowing through the tapestry; your life in Christ can be the
greatest story ever told”. Isn’t it amazing to know that in the grand scheme of things God
cares enough to take the time to form and create a life, a ministry, a marriage, a calling, a
friendship, a job, a family, etc., all just for you? Listen for God’s voice and allow
yourself the opportunity to experience and see yourself as a DESIGNER ORIGINAL
with a unique destiny designed by God’s hand.
Guest post by Tiffany Anderson

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